hEYlOw my readers. We meet again today. Aren’t you guys impressed with the consistency because I definitely am very impressed. Today is the second part of the New York series blog posts. Why does New York get three? Well, because its New York and that’s on that, PERIOD! I will be sharing with you guys about my day in the city and how exciting it was to maneuver my way around the concrete jungle. Although to be fair I did get A LOT of help from google maps, well Apple Maps if we’re being precise with Siri basically screaming to me “take a turn in 0.5 miles” LOL. In all honesty I do wish I had properly documented the entire trip and most of my trips because there are definitely places that there is no amount of words that could describe exactly what’s it’s like being there but I do believe that a video does the best job at trying. Although I have been to places where not even a video does justice to it because the beauty is so magnificènt (in my best Italian accent).

The first day I arrived in the city I was coming from Texas and best believe ya girl booked a trip with a layover somewhere just so as she could stop in a new state. Left Dallas at like 6am and after a layover in Salt Lake City, I finally arrived at JFK at 5pm-ish I believe. It was not that long of a trip, you just have to factor in the time difference from the time in Texas to a different time zone in Utah and a different time zone in New York. As someone who took Geography as one of her majors in her undergrad, these are definitely things that get me excited, just casually spending your day in different time zones. Anyways i arrived in the city and my lovely hosts came to pick me up. For first time traveller or even frequent ones who have not experienced this as of yet, just prep yourself if you have a lot of luggage, you have to pay for a trolly at the JFK airport. I had never experienced such a situation so I was surprised but that’s the beauty of traveling. You get to learn and discover all these things that are normal in your area maybe but done in a different way in other areas. I was a bit overwhelmed with my luggage and I was all by myself (my friends had flown in a day before me) so I just caved and payed $6 for a trolly. At the time it was $6 I don’t know if the price has gone higher or not. The moment I saw that I had to pay for a trolly I was like yep, i’m definitely in New York. To be fair though I do know that there are a couple of airports around the US that you have to pay for your trolly and if you know them feel free to let my readers know at the comment section below. I have seen a couple of complaints on Tripadvisor of people complaining about paying for luggage trolleys in Australia and Birmingham so I guess it is a thing in a couple of airports around the world.

Anyways lets get back to the topic at hand because if we start dissecting in to travel issues it won’t be a one blog post topic. We would need time, snacks and a discussion forum for it. So the very first day I arrived in the city myself and my now acquainted friends went to a casino in Yonkers to just chill and enjoy the evening. One of my friends gave the casino machines a go, I can’t remember if she lost money or gained some. But if she did get some I’m sure I would remember hahaha. I also remember seeing a group of some elderly people dance to some live music like they didn’t have a care in the world. The next day was jam packed with activities that involved going around the city and seeing different places. That evening we decided to go in to Manhattan and lucky for us the weather was just perfect. It was a little nippy where all you needed was a sweater but not a heavy jacket. We got to go to the obvious places around Manhattan like Times Square, the 9/11 memorial building , the Westfield World Trade Center Shopping Mall of which the architecture is pretty cool. Speaking of architecture I cant wait to finally see The Vessel. I remember telling my friend who lives in the city, dude you gotta go see the vessel forgetting that most New Yorkers don’t particularly fancy these kinda things. They are more for us tourists who don’t have to keep up with the New York standard of life hahaha. I however did not get to visit the Empire State Building but I did see it from a distance which was good enough for me. We got to visit all the NYC boroughs which was pretty cool, we almost got to squeeze in New Jersey in to the mix but there wasn’t enough time. With all these areas our host is the one who took us to them but once my friend left (she left a couple of days early) I took it upon myself to wear my big girl shoes and face the city without a local.

Before we get to the day where I got to roam the city putting my trust in a mobile device, it snowed. It was not very heavy snow but it was good enough if you ask me. It stuck to the ground long enough for me to wake up and see it the next day. So the next day I was ready to face the city all by myself. I wasn’t alone per say, I had another friend offer to accompany me but we were both new to the city so it was basically the blind leading the blind. Our trip however was very successful one except the part where we couldn’t come to an agreement in the subway on what stop was ours so we went all the way to Queens or it was one stop right before Queens and we had to trouble our host to come get us from the station (I am embarrassed to this day). So visiting New York is definitely an experience, visiting anywhere is an experience and that’s why I love traveling so much. Travel builds your confidence up because you have to act like you have it all together in this new place while its the other way around. You’re scared inside of what could happen to you but you’re hopeful to experience this new place and gather the best memories with it. I do hope that my travel content doesn’t just make you say ooh she did that, that’s pretty cool. I hope it gets you to save up and go to a new place even if its just a town that’s 30–40 minutes away. Go there, do things you haven’t done before in all your visits there and see life from a different perspective. I guarantee you over time you will have a thirst and the courage to go further and the next thing you know, you’re pushing international boarders then continental borders. GO GO GO and take that trip(yep I’m the cheerleader you never knew you needed), it’ll be worth it I promise. Thank you for stoping by today, take care and be happy!!!!!


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