God and Coffee ~ The No Cafe

Since giving up alcoholism coffee has become my thing. I am a man of routine and when I find something I like I can get a bit obsessed. My addict brain likes repetition. So I make a considered effort to force myself out of my little routines so I don’t become a full blown OCD crazy.

A few days ago I noticed that I had fallen into repetition again. I was going in the same café at the same time, ordering the same thing and sitting in the same chair. I had to break it off. I had to see other cafes.

One morning I saw a place called “No”.

Inside is beautiful. No serves coffee, juice and Mediterranean inspired food. A classic café with heavenly Grecian vibes. What’s not to love? Cafes have replaced bars for me and the second I saw this interior I knew I was going to be a regular. The olive tree in the center of the table made me think of the burning bush and Moses. By far the best lit café I have ever sat in and relaxing music finished the atmosphere perfectly. The break in my routine was definitely a good idea.

Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here.

Holding onto the past is definitely easy to do. If times have been good we tend to want to relive it. When things have been bad it’s hard not to obsess and dwell. We also might have people who like to remind us about past mistakes. Sometimes people hold on to an old version of us and can’t let it go. We have all heard “you’ve changed”. I have perhaps heard that one more than most.

My transition taught me how to allow change. Sometimes wanting change doesn’t mean its not terrifying. It also doesn’t mean that we will easily allow it. Letting go can be a complex thing. Letting go of something we don’t want seems to always involve us letting go of something we do want at the same time. Change inevitably involves loss.

Mathew 25:41
The next time Satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.

The Bible is a story that endlessly repeats over time. No matter who reads it at whatever time in history there is relevance and wisdom in it. Weather it be the mini stories throughout it or the over aching story of the entire thing, Gods victory over evil is enviable. The concept of Karma is the easiest explanation of this. No matter what happens, in the end, the truth and the light wins. Evil has a tendency to anchor us down. Getting stuck in a cycle of damaging behaviors is definitely a hellish existence. Doing something that you can’t stop doing, knowing full well that painful consequences are coming. Then lying to ourselves about it. Ignoring the inevitable consequences. Knowing we only have ourselves to blame. I am all too familiar.

At any moment God can act. I think the feeling of Gods will is very deep within every individual. Every person deep down knows when something is wrong or right. Sometimes we can’t put our finger on exactly why. I think God voice is the highest form of intuition. We each have a connection to the universal pulse. God’s voice speaks to us from an ‘already informed’ place about our future and our past. His full awareness of us and our potential is saturated in love and optimism. God remains confident of our abilities. At any moment we can decide not to do the thing we know is wrong anymore.
We are each accountable for our past actions and in every case. Ether directly or indirectly, we will be called to atone for our wrong doings. However, our old selves can die and we can be reborn.

Mistakes are inevitable. Never making a mistake again is completely unrealistic. Maybe it’s the quality of our mistakes that we can change.
Perhaps a new mistake is better than an old one repeated.

Being less concerned with perfection means we can be more forgiving. Focusing on the pursuit of insight means we can indulge in our curiosity. Maybe what we have to loose by changing is worth what we could gain. If God has already won and will always win no matter what we do, then surely holding on to our ‘correctness’ is pointless. If we are wrong then surely it is better to know that. When we try something new and its wonderful we have fantastic confirmation that we were wrong all along.

God presents us with a question. What if we are wrong about ourselves? If he sees our past, our present and our future all at the same time and loves us regardless, what does he know that we don’t? What does he see in us that we can’t? He can see the limitless potential of each individual and has total confidence in us that we can achieve it. He also deems us as lovable and forgivable.

Can we trust that?
We know we don’t know everything, that’s for sure. So we can’t fully rely on our own opinion of ourselves. God’s perception of us is that we are his children and he is our parent. Is our perception of him anything like our earth parents?

”What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”
A.W. Tozer

I think about new and miraculous things. I think about exciting potential. Things never seen before. We are so small and we only get a short time on this planet and we can so easily get stuck in repetition.

Jesus said
”I came so that they could have life, indeed so they could have life to the fullest”

I am willing to admit that I might be wrong about myself. I know that I do not know everything or even fully understand most things. I don’t think that matters. I choose to embrace the new things. So that I can have life to its fullest.

The “No” café was lovely. I will definitely go and write by the little olive tree again. My eyes are peeled for the next new place.

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