Hide-and-Seek with Kelabu: A Whiskered Adventure by Ehsan Amri

I crawled beneath the car, under the oily pipes and gassy smell.

It was dark and the only light I could see was the light from outside, the light from the beaming Malaysian sun. My small fur was only new to this world and I was helplessly hiding from him.

He lurked around the car making the stupid “ts ts ts” noise that humans always make when they see me. It’s only a few weeks old and I still have no clue why they do that. I remained hiding beneath the car until the boy went on his knees and poked his head beneath, his face suddenly strewn into a shadow, defining his sharp features.

My legs shivered and I was about to run away but I was frozen in fear. He continued tutting, rubbing his fingers together, persuading me to come closer.

Suddenly my little paws sprung to life and I dashed out from beneath the car, the other direction from the boy.

I ran on the tiled floor under the deep blue sky with the sun dancing in the cloudless blue. I saw a garden in the distance and I raced towards it not daring to look back. I could still hear the boy’s voice calling for my name. I waded through the short grass, though my little paws still found it hard to charge through. I looked behind me and I saw he had gone. All I saw was the green grass and the hazy distance. I ran around in the grass which sat next to the house with wooden planks decorated onto the wall. I turned the left corner and found a black gate.

Behind it was a kitchen, with many pots and pans and sinks and dining tables all scattered hastily. I could just about see past the kitchen, another black gate, though it was open and on the other side, a sparkling glistening pool. I walked towards the first gate and slipped through the little holes. Inside the kitchen was another door which led to the house the boy lived in. I lay down on the carpet next to the door and fell asleep.

I woke up, wearily, sitting on a chair, the humming of the AC on and the cold air hitting my face. I looked up and saw the light, not the one of the sun though. It was trapped in a lamp and it hung over my head. I scrambled to my feet only to find I was lying down in a chair. I leapt off, my little tired legs wobbling on impact and I looked around. I walked on a white marble floor and the ceiling above was tiled. I heard footsteps and got anxious.

The boy I had seen before came walking into the room. He held a plate and cup and he put them in the sink and washed his hands, yet to notice me. As he walked back out I meowed, letting him know I was here.

His head swivelled and when he saw me his eyes lit up and his back fixed its depressed posture.

He seemed so happy I let him stroke me and pick me up. My warm fur tickled his skin and I was pretty sure I had lice and worms but I felt if I had told him it wouldn’t have made a difference…

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